Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time, you are permitted to build a garden room in the outdoor area of your home without obtaining planning permission. Only a few situations constitute an exception.

Our garden rooms are constructed on location, thus the installation teams need a minimum of 0.5 metres (m) between the garden room and any obstructions. This would entail placing the garden 0.5 metres away from any other structures, such as a fence, garage, or tree.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are manufacture by injecting highly insulated Polyurethane between two sheets of structural OSB3.

The panels form the floor, walls and roof creating an incredibly rigid, highly insulated passive standard structure.

When needed we employ a specially created system of concrete and steel piles. The steel piles can be completely adjusted to fit a site area that is flat or moderately sloping. To provide way for a vented space underneath, the garden room is elevated off the ground. This guarantees that rising moisture won’t have an impact on the garden room.

Weeds won’t grow directly underneath the garden room because there is no daylight, despite the fact that it is elevated off the ground and has a ventilated space underneath (to prevent rising wet).

A full electrics package, comprising a consumer unit, electrical plugs, lights, and a light switch, is included in the price of each garden room. After the construction is complete, our licensed electrician will come to your home to inspect the interior wiring and provide an electrical certificate ready for the mains connection.

Every door and window has a safe operating mechanism that makes opening and locking them simple. On the master and slave doors, each door section has a high security locking system made of galvanised steel reinforced hook locks, shot bolts, and deadlocks.

You can utilise these adaptable spaces for anything! Verify whether obtaining a building permit is necessary for your intended usage. The most common uses for garden rooms are as sitting areas, offices, and gathering spaces for visitors. You can choose to relax in luxury, put forth a lot of effort, or impress your guests.

Structured insulated panels (SIPs), which are used to construct garden rooms, are completely insulated to keep you at a pleasant temperature all year long. This implies that your garden room will be comfortable all year round. All of our garden rooms are very energy-efficient, which significantly lowers energy costs.

In order to make your garden room special to you and your garden, yes, we can and we encourage this. Your personal contribution will create your own unique garden hideaway whether you decide to start with a template or choose to develop your own structure. The advantage of employing structurally insulated panels (SIPS) to build your garden building’s outer shell is that there are countless design options.

Yes, they come with a 20-year guarantee.

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